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Uniview Products Protect CHRYSO Gulf LLC, Qatar

To ensure top-grade safety of the factory, most of the operators are facing challenges in monitoring systems and upgrading equipments. UNV products are easy to use, feature one-click upgrade and compatible with other devices. Uniview is dedicated to providing professional solutions for more and more users. CHRYSO Gulf LLC is using UNV products to protect the whole plant.

CHRYSO Gulf LLC, based in Qatar, was founded in 2006. It is a world leader in construction chemicals for concrete and cement, develops value-added and innovative solutions for the building industry. CHRYSO Gulf LLC chose UNV products and solution for the safety of the factory, including monitoring the manufacturing procedure, managing personnel and vehicles appeared in some important areas. The project also comes as part of the efforts to improve the company’s management and meet the needs of good manufacturing practices.


Uniview provided video surveillance solution for CHRYSO Gulf LLC factory project with 102ch cameras and 2 NVR316-64. More specifically, CHRYSO selected IPC2322EBR5-DUPZ-C as target camera for this solution.


• IPC: IPC2322EBR5-DUPZ-C has LightHunter low light functions. It could capture objects in low light condition, and can greatly reduce smearing and ensure that both static and moving object can be seen clearly.
• Reliable system: The NVR316-64R-B supports RAID 5, which could provide fast and reliable solution for data storage and backup. Furthermore, with the hot swap function, the damaged disk could be replaced directly when devices are turning on, which significantly shorten the time of maintainment.
• User friendly: With UNV EZStation, EZview system, staffs can easily monitor all the key areas in a control room, even tele-visit the surveillance video conveniently at places other than control room.